Our Approach to Literacy

Kid Literacy values literacy in all modalities, including imagining, exploring, and reading.


Our unique approach to holistic literacy begins with the award-winning podcast, Solve It! for Kids. This podcast peeks into the world of real-life scientists, engineers, and experts as they solve problems in their everyday jobs. Kids and families are invited to take on a challenge and solve a related problem, taking creativity and curiosity to a whole new level!


Our holistic approach continues with connecting the episodes from the  Solve It! for Kids podcast with a suite of related books.  These books are donated to kids, families, schools and libraries who are part of our program. This connects the literacy skills of listening and doing to reading.

We also connect the authors of this suite of books with schools for presentations, read-alouds, and book discussions.


We donate books from the visiting author or illustrator to the school for use in the classroom or library.

Why this approach works

  • This holistic approach increases literacy by enhancing the ‘imagination muscle’ of kids.
    • Hundreds of research studies have shown that active listening strengthens the ‘imagination muscle’ and increases literacy.
    • The subsequent hands-on challenge allows for the student to be physically engaged in an activity related to the podcast. This illuminates what the student heard during the podcast.
    • The related books take on heightened meaning and relevance AFTER listening and doing.  The reading now has more meaning and more sensory connections, which have been shown to enhance literacy.