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One child.   One classroom.   One school at a time.


KidLiteracy, Inc. brings children’s and teens’ authors and illustrators into your school. We give a set of the author’s books to the school library. This fabulous experience opens up the world of reading to your students. They can’t wait to open these new books. At this point, KidLiteracy, Inc is launching only in the Northeast Florida area. If you are out of town, please check back as we add areas.
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KidLiteracy, Inc. works with each author or illustrator to tailor an event to his or her preferences. You may choose which book(s) you’d like to present, the type of presentation, and the grade level(s) of the group. Suggested presentations included assembly-size talks about your writing, one of your books, reading and Q&A, or smaller groups which include writing workshops, science demonstrations, or drawing together. We want all of the authors and illustrators who participate in our program to have a wonderful experience. If you are interested in working with KidLiteracy, Inc., fill out the information form in the Join Us section.

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KidLiteracy. Inc. is happy to work with publishers to bring their authors to under-resourced schools in the North Florida / First Coast area. We will provide a classroom set of books to the school library. In addition to increased author visibility, KidLiteracy, Inc. book purchases lead to increased sales. However, publisher donations are always welcome.